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Rochester Update as at 16th July 2021

City Centre Forum

This is for High Street traders, residents and others who have a special interest in the historic centre of Rochester. The first ‘face to face’ meeting since the pandemic started will be next Tuesday 20th July at 17:45 in the Guildhall. It will be a chance to catch up on all news, voice your opinions, and to thank traders (and customers) who managed to keep Rochester functioning during the past 18 months. A glass of fizz and some snacks will be provided. Would be helpful to know if you plan to attend, but just turn up. If you would like to receive notifications of all forum meetings, and agendas, let me know. There are usually 3 or 4 per year and they do a great job for Rochester.


Clean up under M2 bridge, Borstal

Thank you to those who pointed out this was becoming a mess; a team from Medway Norse cleaned it up recently. They also cleared the overgrown area in Mansel Drive. If there are other problem areas, do let me know. I will do my best to find solutions.


Summer activities for children

“MedwayGo” is Medway’s programme offering free summer activities and camps for children on benefits-related free-school meals. Parents will be able to register and book from hundreds of sessions taking place across the summer holidays, through the MedwayGo website – Please pass this on to anyone who you feel may benefit.


Bad driving

This is of course a national issue, with a minority ignoring prohibited turns, one way streets, driving too fast and so on. I am pleased the police Community Safety Unit have been issuing more fines (£50), including the very dangerous and illegal right turn from the High up Star Hill. I even reported a refuse collection truck who drove down a one way street this week!


Night Time Economy; protecting vulnerable people

There is a local focus in Rochester as the police are working closely with local traders to identify offenders (eg sexual or other offences) and looking out for anyone who may be vulnerable on our streets.


Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Next month 20 x 7kW charging points will be installed by the council in the multi storey car park by Rochester station, plus 4 in Commercial Road Strood and 10 in Rainham.


Valley View Road Trees

I am pleased to say we are starting to plant new trees in the grass verge starting this autumn.


Parking Maidstone Rd Shops

This relates to the shops opposite the cemetery. I will be asking traders’ views on having a shorter parking time (2 hrs) but allowing them to give concessions to their customers who need longer; for example, beauty treatment. The idea is to ensure maximum space at any one time. I will also be asking for bollards to stop parking on the double yellow lines opposite because this is dangerous.


Jcn Tideway/Maidstone Road

I have agreed with officers that we should consult on having double yellow lines around this junction and immediate vicinity due to the number of vehicles from the nearby trading estate parking dangerously there.


Kings School and St Andrews school drop off and parking

I have met with senior people from both schools, and I hope to meet with more residents soon before going on to discussions with our highways officers over the next few weeks. The drop-off zone by St Andrews has helped in the mornings, but far more action is needed at both schools. I am pleased to say the police confirmed today they will be taking no further action regarding an accusation against me when I asked a car dangerously blocking a school entrance to move on.


Memorial Garden, High Street

This area (aka St Mary’s Meadow) has become too overgrown. I have contacted Norse, and they will tidy it up next week. I am anticipating the moat and surrounding areas will also be cut.


Barriers and Covid signs

I am pleased to say the barriers by the memorial garden and all covid signs will be taken down on Monday – at long last!


No Mow May

Just to clarify my comments in my last update. We will continue to reduce mowing, but in future it will be on a more ‘managed’ basis. We want to help wildlife, reduce costs, but of course keep recreational areas tidy. We are not quite there yet.



You do not need me repeating national information here, but if you want any information or have concerns about anything locally do please just ask me.


Stuart Tranter