Church and Community Groups

Homemakers (formerly called St Luke's Young Wives) are still a cog of St Luke's. Our meetings are every Thursday commencing at 2-4pm with various speakers, bring and buys, quizes, jumble sales, coffee and chats, occasional visits and weekends away. We are a friendly group so why not pop along and join us?

Senior Fitness Group


Do you feel the need for some gentle exercise, a nice cup of tea and good company. Then join us at St Lukes church hall in City Way Rochester every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm. For more details contact Angie on 01634 325747 or Mobile: 07826 049396. The exercise programme comprises of suppleness, balance, poise, coordination, stamina, muscle strengthening and cardiovascula exercises, all done to pleasant music, with a nice cup of tea afterwords.

Every Friday between 10.30am and 1.30pm.  Bring a packed lunch.  Hot drinks supplied.


Latest fron Stuart Tranter as at 21st June

Art Auction for Ukraine – on display now in the Cathedral, auction Friday 24th.

Please do take a look at these wonderful, donated pieces of art in aid of Ukraine, created by some of our best local artists. The auction will be this Friday 24th, doors open 6:30pm, auction starts at 7:30pm under the expert hand of Clive Emson MBE.


Trevale Rd/Cloudesley Close parking

Several people have raised the problem of inconsiderate parking by some students during term time. This is still in hand as I await proposals for double yellow lines, followed by formal consultation. Officers confirmed with me today they are dealing.


Pilgrim School Borstal Community Day 2nd July midday to 5pm.

I am helping sponsor this event which will be a bit like a fun ‘Village Fete” designed to support the local school. I will be there; it should be a good day – do go if you possibly can!


Mansel Drive green space (Borstal)

This green space is strangely privately owned and an ongoing maintenance concern for residents. I have just arranged to have it cut back (again) and am enquiring to see if the council can purchase it in order to establish a longer-term sustainable maintenance plan.


Backfields/Churchfield steps

These quirky steps were built by prisoners of war. Some people have reported loose bricks, so I have arranged a survey and repairs.


River walkway – Hathaway court

The problem with the damaged railings has been reported.


Textus Roffensis – Rochester Cathedral

The Textus Roffensis is one of the country’s oldest and most important manuscripts helping define English Law. It has now been registered by UNESCO, putting it on a world stage – a great honour. Personally I believe parts of historic Rochester should become a world heritage site; perhaps this helps on that journey?


ABC (Borstal) seeking to recruit Preschool Supervisor (part time)

The excellent and important Action for Borstal Community Project (ABC) is looking to recruit a new member of staff for their lovely, friendly Preschool team, to start in September 2022. If you are interested, early years qualified to at least level 3, and have relevant experience contact me for more information.


Brambletree Scrapyard

The painful saga continues following endless complaints about the use of the land and never-ending dumping of some kind of dry bulk which appears to be creating pollution not to mention large lorries driving down the Esplanade. Planning officers are still investigating and trying to get more co-operation from the Environment Agency. Kelly Tolhurst MP is also pushing for more action from them. I am deeply disappointed it is taking so long but will never give up until it is resolved.


Rochester Car Parks new equipment

Automatic number recognition will soon be installed in several central Rochester Car parks. Discussion with local residents and businesses is in hand to help ensure a smooth transition. Cash, card or account payment options will be available. This should free up enforcement officer time to focus on other areas.


Location of Rochester City Centre Car parks

If you or your customers would like a handy list of all car parks, and their capacity let me know.


Vines Park Cherry Picnic 9th July midday to 3pm

Delighted to announce this lovely event is back! Family friendly, with various stalls and music, plus of course plenty of cherries!


Nuisance Motorbikes Borstal and rural areas

There have been fewer reports, hopefully because more have recently been seized by the police. Also housing providers have sent warning letters to tenants who have been using nuisance bikes, and PCSO’s have been on the M2 footbridge which has deterred illegal motorbikes. Many thanks for the police effort.


Grass Cutting

I get many people concerned we are not cutting grass and roughly as many saying we should leave it to grow more! The current policy has been to keep most open spaces and play areas cut, but delaying cutting on other areas to help bees and other wildlife – providing they do not obstruct roads or footpaths. Some look nicer than others (depending on location, weather and what happens to be in the ground), and of course some areas are more ‘appropriate’ than others – a matter of opinion. It is a logistics nightmare for our teams; it was so much easier in the days when everything was cut short! Please be patient. We are listening and learning, trying to improve. Maybe next year will be better. But if a specific area is troubling you, do let me know.


Casino Rooms licence

Some may have followed this in the press; the police have complained about antisocial behaviour connected with this premises. I attended the very lengthy hearing where further measures were agreed, including some additional body cameras and better management of the Blue Boar Lane car park. Having looked at all evidence I do not think this will be enough, and if it comes up for review again, I hope to take part as a witness. The underlying problem is the premises are only primarily responsible for what happens inside their premises, so any ‘difficult customers’ are put out on the street where they then become a problem for the local community and police. Getting this properly resolved may take some time. My longer-term hope is to encourage a daytime and evening economy, but not late night – that is better suited to out of town locations.


Corn Exchange Clock

Yes, I know the time is still wrong, but it needs attention which requires access from the road. I hope it will be resolved this month.


Chatham Docks

Thank you for so many emails of encouragement to help me and others save this from closure. Next week a new vision demonstrating a real long term commercial and employment future for the docks will be launched in Westminster, and I hope local publicity and public engagement will then commence during this summer. I am increasingly optimistic we will save the docks, but public support is essential.

Stuart Tranter