Church and Community Groups

Homemakers (formerly called St Luke's Young Wives) are still a cog of St Luke's. Our meetings are every Thursday commencing at 2-4pm with various speakers, bring and buys, quizes, jumble sales, coffee and chats, occasional visits and weekends away. We are a friendly group so why not pop along and join us?

Senior Fitness Group


Do you feel the need for some gentle exercise, a nice cup of tea and good company. Then join us at St Lukes church hall in City Way Rochester every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm. For more details contact Angie on 01634 325747 or Mobile: 07826 049396. The exercise programme comprises of suppleness, balance, poise, coordination, stamina, muscle strengthening and cardiovascula exercises, all done to pleasant music, with a nice cup of tea afterwords.

Every Friday between 10.30am and 1.30pm.  Bring a packed lunch.  Hot drinks supplied.


Latest fron Stuart Tranter as at 20th May

Healthy Living – free programme

This free 12-week programme covers food, nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle, sleep and more. If you think this might be for you call in at Jaspers Café (in Rochester Community Hub) on Monday 13th June, Wednesday 22nd or Thursday 23rd June to find out more.


Footpath blocked Fort Borstal

Thank you to those who pointed this out, and other concerns in the immediate area. Council officers are investigating with a view to resolving the problem, but it is not straightforward due to land ownership issues and previous footway diversions. I will report back later.


Rough sleeping

Many people have raised concerns about 2 or 3 individuals camping by Rochester Castle. I have been in frequent communication with council officers (different departments) and the police and they have assured me multi-agency discussions are taking place this week to find a solution as quickly as possible. If individuals with ‘capacity’ choose not to engage with help it can be very hard to resolve. We have a duty to protect the public, as well as homeless individuals (even if intentionally homeless), and of course protect treasured public areas. Medway is one of the UK’s leading boroughs in this field, but some cases are tough, and this is one of them. Contact me if you want to know more about the problem and the complexity of the law.


Illegal traders

Many of us enjoy an ice cream on a sunny day, but there have been unlicensed traders in Rochester recently parking in illegal areas, for example near the Cathedral, resulting in complaints from other traders and those not wanting to hear the noisy diesel engine. Our licensing and parking departments are following these problems up and will take legal action if appropriate.


Street buskers

A good busker can bring pleasure to many. But this too needs managing, so we are working on a code of practice to try and reduce disturbance for those living or working close to buskers, to keep volumes reasonable, and try to keep a good standard. One apparently excellent violinist, for example, is miming, which is misleading to say the least if people thought they were rewarding his talent with a few coins. Once a proposal is ready nearby residents and traders will be invited to comment.


Enforcing moving traffic offences

New laws now allow the council to enforce moving traffic offences. This will be phased in over time, and will use cameras to record offences. I have agreed, subject to consultation and seeing the details, that better enforcement of Rochester High Street (when closed) would be good for pedestrian safety; also, better enforcement of the ‘no right turn’ onto Star Hill. Other areas will be added later. This is just a start of course. Once details are known, I will pass them on for your comment.


Art Auction for Ukraine

Details to follow later, but there will be an auction of local art especially created for this event displayed in the Cathedral Crypt 17-24 June followed by an auction on 24th.


Bardell Wharf

This is the large vacant site at the bottom of Star Hill/Corporation Street. Planning permission for a large development was agreed a couple of years ago, but new developers now have new ideas and they would like your view. You can call in at The Royal Function Rooms, Rochester, 12 Star Hill 25th May between 2pm to 8pm to see the proposals and discuss. As a member of the committee who will ultimately decide, I shall not offer a view. Not yet anyway. But always keen to hear what you think. See


City Wall Wine Bar

Again, as a member of the planning committee I shall say nothing. But the owners have applied for retrospective permission to retain the wooden constriction on the patio. Many people have shared views on this with me, but whatever they are I suggest you look up “Medway Council Planning applications” MC/22/1018 and formally comment online if you wish to be heard.


Road closures 2-5 June

I have details of all proposed road closures which are being posted to everyone in the immediate area. If you do not get them, and/or want to know more let me know.


Chatham Docks

I and others are still battling to ensure this important area of employment does not close to make way for more flats. Peel Ports are astonishingly claiming local people approve. You will see my response to that in the local press, but if this is a topic which interests you I would love to hear.

Rochester Pier and pontoons

Sorry for another quick update, but you may be aware this structure has partly sunk, as reported in the local press today. I am really upset because I predicted this issue several years ago and more action should have been taken then. However, significant funds are being raised to repair or replace as necessary and you have my assurance I will be fighting every step of the way to get this facility open to the public again as soon as is practical.

Stuart Tranter